Divorce is not a License to Destroy

Amicable divorces are not the norm but this doesn’t mean that life after divorce need be one that’s burdened with the same emotions that you carried through the process. Moving on from a breakup or moving on from divorce doesn’t mean you

The Power of Forgiveness – Deepak Chopra

Forgiveness does indeed heal you from the inside out. It sounds simple and straightforward but watching and listening to this video by Deepak Chopra on the healing power of forgiveness, you will get a deeper understanding on why forgiveness is so vital

Can you Forgive and Forget?

So here’s the story… My really good friend, Samantha (definitely not her real name) has been divorced for almost 7 years now but if you met her today, you would think it all happened 15 days ago.  She goes on and on

Divorcing a Narcissist

A narcissist has an inflated sense of self and needs a constant stream of admiration. They cover up their low self-esteem by exaggerating their achievements. Their sense of entitlement enables them to feel unique and a cut above others. They crave the

Coping with Divorce Anger

In this interview by Suzy Miller, Counsellor and Psychotherapist Paula Farson of Cedar Counselling explains why it makes sense to get psychological support earlier rather than later when navigating divorce or family separation. “Many clients come to counselling in crisis but realise

Heartbreaker or Heartbroken?

When divorce happens it is usually a relative surprise for one of the couple. You may both surmise that things are amiss since there is usually considerable conflict or disconnect before the words “I want a divorce” are spoken, but most often

The Single Mums’ Survival Guide

Alternative Divorce Guide Suzy Miller recently spoke with single mum Vivienne Smith, author of  The Single Mums’ Survival Guide, about her journey into single parenthood and how she grew from that experience. “They do say that everyone has a book in them –

Facing Empty Nest Syndrome Post-Divorce

An Empty Nest is especially challenging for parents who face yet another loss after divorce. People may be experiencing the different stages of grief with their divorce, and now also mourn what was and may never be again with their child. One