Is mediation relevant in No-Fault Divorce?   

No-Fault Divorce – which dispenses with the ‘blame game’ – makes it easier for couples to manage their separation and work together to avoid lengthy, costly, and stressful court disputes. The ground-breaking changes in the law, which came into effect on April

The role of mediation in the divorce process

Many clients who have attended a meeting with a solicitor or done their reading online will have heard about mediation as an option for resolving disputes around divorce or separation. The government’s strategy for family justice is to require people to attend

Does Online Mediation Actually Work?

I think it is fair to say that the Family Mediation Council have not embraced online mediation and see that face to face mediation is the best way to resolve disputes on parenting and finances as part of your divorce or separation. When you

Reasons to Choose Mediation over Divorce Court

When relationships run into difficulty, it can be only too easy for negative emotions to take over and to be the primary driving force behind decisions which will have long-term consequences not just for the people involved but for the people around

Five Modern Myths about Family Mediation

Mediation is essentially a safe environment for two people to air, discuss, and hopefully resolve their difficulties. It is facilitated by a mediator, who is there, essentially to “chair” the meeting, in other words to keep it on track and to ensure

How Does Child Mediation Work?

Family mediation is fundamentally an inclusive process. This means that where children are involved, mediation can incorporate not only the biological parents’ points of view, but also those of step-parents, other family members and legal guardians, as well as the children themselves,

What is a MIAM in Family Mediation?

MIAM stands for Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting. MIAM is a short meeting where each disputant meets with a trained Family Mediator to get information about how mediation works and to understand the benefits it can offer as a way to resolve

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