Coping with Divorce in 5 Simple Steps

Coping with Divorce in 5 Simple Steps
Adele Theron Speaker, Author and Founder of The Naked Divorce
Adele Theron
Speaker, Author and Founder of
The Naked Divorce

Adele Theron is the founder of The Naked Divorce that has a 21 Day program on helping people in coping and dealing with divorce.

Today she gives us tips on coping with divorce in 5 simple steps.

Understanding that we are very likely not to feel brilliant and happy all the time; that there will indeed be moments shrouded by unhappiness, anger or sadness is just one of the first steps you can take in coping and dealing with your divorce and divorce process.

The critical thing is not invalidating those emotions but accepting that that is how you’re feeling and then dealing with them as opposed to suppressing them.

Name that emotion. What is it? Is it anger? Is it frustration, sadness or an overwhelming feeling of vengeance.  This is an important step to moving on from a broken relationship.

We need to remember that we cannot control the arrival of an emotion and by using language to conceptualise it in a way that you describe what it is, it just gives you that release.  That may explain why, when you do open up to someone about how you’re truly feeling, you actually feel better afterwards.

Listen, learn, enjoy and use the tips that Adele shares with you in Coping with Divorce in 5 Simple Steps


Adele ( is an author, executive coach and change management specialist who has spent the past 19 years helping people cope with change and overcome trauma.

Adele has worked within large international corporate programmes so this is why she and her team are so results driven.

She has worked with over 6,500 people to achieve rapid transformation and has published several books and articles and has been featured in nearly a hundred publications across the globe.

Adele works globally and as your Divorce Angel, you can count on her to handle anything complex. With the hundreds of people she has counselled through divorce there isn’t a situation she have not seen or encountered.

Adele specialises in family issues, multiple traumas, PTSD treatments and divorce planning. She runs all the Naked Divorce Retreats in Thailand, the Miracle programmes and runs Group sessions.  

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