Divorcing Passive-Aggressive Men and Women

Divorce with a passive-aggressive partner can be particularly aggravating. They seeming are going along with the whole process, yet are sabotaging it. They agree to check on their pension plan or to bring paperwork to the divorce sessions, but “forget.” The use

Divorce is not a License to Destroy

Amicable divorces are not the norm but this doesn’t mean that life after divorce need be one that’s burdened with the same emotions that you carried through the process. Moving on from a breakup or moving on from divorce doesn’t mean you

The Power of Forgiveness – Deepak Chopra

Forgiveness does indeed heal you from the inside out. It sounds simple and straightforward but watching and listening to this video by Deepak Chopra on the healing power of forgiveness, you will get a deeper understanding on why forgiveness is so vital

Can you Forgive and Forget?

So here’s the story… My really good friend, Samantha (definitely not her real name) has been divorced for almost 7 years now but if you met her today, you would think it all happened 15 days ago.  She goes on and on