Losing Family Members Post-Divorce

One would think family members would be supportive during divorce, but that is not always the case. There are a myriad of reasons for this with one being not wanting to take sides. My mother would often hang up on me when

Trusting Yourself to Love Again

After going through one million emotions during the period of divorce, the last thing you want to imagine is loving again. Regardless of your reasons for divorce, you will need to move on with your life at some point. Many are times

Friendships Change after Divorce

Divorce is a transition which means a change in many aspects of life.  One of these areas is relationships, particularly with friendships. Divorce is a time to reevaluate these friendships to see if they are still beneficial or have run their course.

What to Expect When Moving House after Divorce?

Do you want to know what you can expect when moving house after a divorce?  Divorce Magazine spoke to Ingrid Jansen, professional organiser and founder of Organise Your House, for advice. You and your ex-partner have finalised the divorce and the house

Losing Your Identity Post-divorce

When one’s identity was wrapped around the ex, such as being a doctor’s wife, it is especially challenging to reinvent oneself post-divorce. Suddenly the role of being the social director for the office staff and charming sidekick at far flung medical conferences


Dealing with Pain

When it comes to dealing with pain, the strangest thing I ever did to help me move on was to literally speak to myself, out loud, while I got ready for bed one day. I had spent the day, like the previous

How to Cope with a Break-up

  Break ups can be emotionally overwhelming and extremely painful even if you were the one to end the relationship. There are a lot of adjustments and changes happening and this can be very frightening when you are unsure of what the

Life after Divorce – your Image

Although I see men also, most of my client base is female – many of whom come to see me to mark a significant event such as a big birthday or returning to work after maternity leave. There are lots of reasons

Create No More Pain in the Present

The greater part of human pain is unnecessary.  It is self-created as long as the unobserved mind runs your life. The pain that you create now is always some form of nonacceptance, some form of unconscious resistance to what is.  On the

Coping with Divorce – a Grief Observed

This article may help family mediators and parents to recognise and manage loss and change. This involves understanding that when you separate you are likely to experience feelings of loss, your feelings can be unpredictable and it can seem like you are

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