About TDM

Founded in January 2014 The Divorce Magazine is an online publication that focuses on a wide-range of issues surrounding divorce and separation.

You are important, and this is why The Divorce Magazine is very particular about the type of content and information we curate and create – for you. 

The valuable, insightful and non-adversarial articles you encounter here are all authored by experts and professionals in the field of divorce and separation, or individuals writing from personal encounters.

At The Divorce Magazine, we understand that the quality of your life, from the moment you file for divorce to your life after divorce and separation, will depend on how well you’re able to cope with the transition, the choices you have to make, and the steps you have to take. 

Divorce can be a roller coaster, but you do not have to ride through it alone. All content is created keeping in mind the complexities the divorce process and the emotional charges this process may entail in – not only in your own lives as adults, but also in those of your children and extended family members.

The Divorce MagazineEach article is tied to the author’s contact details so that you can reach out for more information or discussion, if that is the next step for you.

The Divorce Magazine is here for you, because so much is riding on your divorce.

From us, to you. 
The TDM Team
To learn more, email Founding Editor at soila@thedivorcemagazine.co.uk

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