Helping Divorcing Friends

Your good friend down the street just told you that she and her husband are divorcing.  You want to give her all of your wisdom and advice. That would really help her….or would it? The first thing to do is just listen.

Losing Friends after Divorce

Divorce weeds out the superficial people and reveals true friends. People whom you considered your exclusive pals – may latch onto your spouse if he/she is the more valuable commodity. I had two friends whom I met up with regularly. One completely

10 Things to Know About Divorce

Divorce is a life transition that generates permanent changes. One can never go back – only forward. Divorce affects finances, relationships and career choices. It can be a positive catalyst for a metamorphosis. Divorce is not a linear process, one can back

I want a Divorce!

Hearing your spouse utter the words, “I want a divorce,” is unbelievable. What to do when you are informed that your spouse is leaving you. If you think you did not correctly hear what was said, ask for it to be repeated.

Divorce a Career Killer?

Recently, my ex and I along with 2 other couples appeared in The Times Magazine on divorce in your 40s.  What was interesting about this piece was that each one of the ladies had gone on to work in the area of

Divorcing Passive-Aggressive Men and Women

Divorce with a passive-aggressive partner can be particularly aggravating. They seeming are going along with the whole process, yet are sabotaging it. They agree to check on their pension plan or to bring paperwork to the divorce sessions, but “forget.” The use