Life after Divorce – False Healing

false healing
Adele Theron Speaker, Author and Founder of The Naked Divorce
Adele Theron
Speaker, Author and Founder of
The Naked Divorce

Do people keep telling you to give yourself time to heal?

That you just need to put some distance between yourself and your trauma? Simply wait for long enough and you’ll feel much better, get over it, and move on.

Time is not a healer.

Time doesn’t do anything, in fact. It’s passive. It just passes by. Everyone knows that elderly person that’s still bitter and angry about something that happened decades ago.

I’m sure you know yourself that old rejections and cruelties and breakups still smart years on, whereas the fights you strive to make peace over straight away are barely remembered a week later.

That’s because healing is an active decision, not a passive one.

If you want to get over an injury, you have to be proactive about tackling the problem head-on. You clean it, dress it, fix it and make sure it heals properly, so that it doesn’t keep giving you trouble for the rest of your life.

We know this about physical ailments. Why do we pretend it’s any different for psychological ones?

If you don’t come to terms with your trauma, it just sits there, like a festering wound. Scar tissue might grow over the top, covering over the cut, but it’s still the same old untreated wound.

Worse, this emotional scar tissue is incredibly damaging, because it acts as a kind of “false healing” that prevents you from ever getting to the root of the problem. If you keep telling yourself that you’re fine when you aren’t, if you keep waiting in hope that the anger or pain or dysfunction you’re experiencing will simply diminish over time, you not only deny yourself the healing you so desperately need – you will also keep repeating the same self-destructive behaviours and mistakes that caused the trauma in the first place.

Did you know that the chances of divorce increases each time they get married?

As in, you were to marry a second, third or fourth time, there’s less hope of it working out every time you do? You might think that someone whose first two marriages had gone tits-up, who had lived through the awful trauma of divorce twice already, would learn from their mistakes, get better at choosing the right partner and become more adept at navigating the issues that damage or weaken a relationship. But statistically speaking, they don’t.

Why? Because they trample from relationship to relationship with the same baggage, the same hang-ups, the same issues in tow.

The more you repeat an action or way of responding to something, the deeper it becomes ingrained as a habit. The more instinctive that behaviour feels to you. Ironically, it makes you feel safer to repeat a behaviour or a decision you’ve made in the past, purely because you recognise it – and even though it hurts you.

False healing doesn’t address these problems.

Waiting around until the ache isn’t as sharp as it used to be won’t stop you doing the things that caused the ache in the first place. It doesn’t help you to walk into your new life or your next relationship with the skills, self-awareness and confidence to do things better. It might give you a brief feeling of reassurance that your past misery is behind you, but it doesn’t place happiness firmly on the horizon.

If you want your future to be brighter than your traumatic past, false healing just won’t cut it.

Don’t wait for “time” to fix things. Take control. Decide it’s your time to heal, right now. And commit yourself to doing the proactive, practical things you have to do to make it true.


Adele ( is an author, executive coach and change management specialist who has spent the past 19 years helping people cope with change and overcome trauma.

Adele previously worked with large international corporations and that’s why she and her team are so results driven.

She has worked with over 6,500 people to achieve rapid transformation, has published several books and articles.  Adele  has also been featured in nearly a hundred publications across the globe.

Adele works globally and as your Divorce Angel, you can count on her to handle anything complex. 

Adele specialises in family issues, multiple traumas, PTSD treatments and divorce planning. She runs all the Naked Divorce Retreats in Thailand, the Miracle programmes and runs Group sessions.  

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