Moving Home after Divorce? Consider Hiring a Self-Hire Vehicle Instead Of A Moving Company

Steve Marshall
Steve Marshall
Founder Self-Move

Moving home is an exciting yet challenging time for many people. The prospect of moving, for some, opens new doors to new career and life opportunities but moving all your items to the new home isn’t so much.

While many tend to hire a moving company to complete the task, this can run into a large expense which you may not have the money for.

The other option you have is moving the items yourself. For those who are about to move home, here’s the advantages of hiring a self-hire moving vehicle to complete the move yourself.

Benefits Of Moving Your Own Items

Saves You Money

One of the biggest advantages of moving your own items in a hired vehicle is you can save a lot of money. Unfortunately moving companies tend to charge exorbitant amounts depending on how far you’re moving. Self-hire moving vehicles, on the other hand, can be hired out at a cheaper rate which won’t break the budget. This enables for you to have more money to spend on other areas of the move.

You Can Take Your Time

Moving your own items allows you to take your time. There’s no rush, stress, or time reframes to complete the move in like you would have with a moving company. If you want to take two days to complete the move, you can. Hiring a self-hire vehicle allows you to work on your time and not anyone else’s.

You Don’t Have To Worry About Things Getting Lost Or Stolen

In some cases, items can go missing or get stolen when hiring a moving company which isn’t as professional as you’d like them to be. Moving the items yourself, allows for you to monitor your possessions without the risk of them going missing or getting stolen. You know where your items are at all times during the move.

More Vehicle Options To Choose From

Self-hire vehicles offer multiple vehicle options to choose from which can give you additional room to pack your items. Moving vans allow for many items to be packed in a confined space, reducing the risk of items falling out.

Utes on the other hand are great for packing furniture which may be oddly shaped or larger than expected. Either way you get to choose the vehicle you want and that suits your needs.

You Pay For However Long You Have The Vehicle For

Unlike moving companies, self-hire vehicles allow you to pay only for the time you have hired them for. If you get the move completed early, you can return the vehicle and save on money. This is great for those who won’t be taking long to move house.


Moving home is something that many people are about to embark on worldwide. Whether you’re moving across town or to another city, the option of a self-hire vehicle is something that you can consider. As you can see self-hire vehicles provide people with many advantages during their move. So are you going to hire a self-moving vehicle?

About Steve Marshall

Steve is businessman, author, adventurer, Land Rover enthusiast, educator and public speaker.

Steve earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of New South Wales while training as a Maritime Officer in the Royal Australian Navy. Following on from his naval career, Steve was the physics teacher at The Scots School in Bathurst for 14 years. He was also a House Master, the Promotion and Development Officer, President of the Old Boys Association, plus a teacher of Maths, Science and Geography.

His passion for Land Rovers saw him buy a business that would help fund his Land Rover passion and give him the opportunity to travel while being his own boss. He chose Self Move which, in 1996, consisted of just two utes and 38 trailers available for hire at petrol stations.

Today Self Move Hire is a leading ute and van hire company spanning the nation. 

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