Divorce Resource List

Divorce Resource List

  • PsyCom.net, founded by Dr. Ivan Goldberg, (www.psycom.net) is a leading authority on mental health information, diagnosis, and treatment. It contains fantastic information regarding borderline personality disorder.
  • Maypole Women www.maypole.org.uk Up-to-date information and links to resources regarding divorce and children’s issues
  • Families Need Fathers www.fnf.org.uk   Advice and support on children’s issues to separated or divorced parents
  • Fathers 4 Justice  www.fathers-4-justice.org   A civil rights movement campaigning for a child’s right to see both parents
  • Women’s Aid www.womensaid.org.uk   A national charity working to end domestic violence against women and children
  • Divorce Recovery Workshops   www.drw.org.uk   They have sessions on divorce issues plus weekend retreats
  • Divorce Care   www.divorce.org   Learn practical tips on recovering from divorce. Some locations also sponsor children’s groups
  • National Council for the Divorced and Separated   www.ncdsw.org.uk/   They help people find friendship and happiness after separation or divorce
  • Aquila Care Trust   Email: jim@aquilatrust.org   Support for those putting their lives back together after divorce
  • MeetUp.com   Has a multitude of different groups worldwide including ones specifically for divorcing people and single parents
  • RSPCA   www.rspca.org.uk/home   Advice and help during divorce on moving with a pet. “PetRetreat” program has a fostering service for families facing domestic violence and require assistance with their pet
  • Gov.uk   www.gov.uk/divorce   Advice and step-by-step guidance through divorce and other issues. Forms are provided

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