Life after Divorce – How to Organize your Room or your House

how to organize your room
Ingrid Jansen
Ingrid Jansen
Organise your House

Ingrid Jansen – www.organise-your-house.co.uk –  is a professional house organiser and declutterer a job she has been doing for 6 years now –  helping people create wonderful living environments for themselves and their families.

Coping with divorce is already hard enough, but when the divorce agreement entails selling your family home, then things get that much more challenging especially when this sale needs to happen as soon as possible.  So what advice would Ingrid give to a couple looking to sell the family home fast?

You need to work together as much as possible because it’s not just the inside of the house that needs looking into, there’s also the outside, the inside of the cupboards, the loft and your own attitude towards the sale.

Potential buyers will always ask why you’re selling so agree on how to handle this question.

In this interview Ingrid talks to us about:

  • how to organize your house
  • how to organize your room
  • dealing with a cluttered house
  • the importance of house organization
  • ways to organize your room
  • how to declutter your room

Remember all floor space needs to be cleared.  If the entrance of the home is taken up by shoes and the loft is filled to the rafters, then it’s important to do a big tidy.

Ingrid’s main tip is never underestimate how long this big tidy takes.

It’s absolutely crucial to get those cupboards empty and know how to declutter your room, your home and organise whatever is left.  Get some temporary storage if need be.

Ingrid gives a brilliant example of a client who increased the sale price by up to 10k just by decluttering her home!  So a cluttered house can cost you.

One thing is clear, Ingrid is not here to tell you how to organize your home, she doesn’t tell her clients what to keep or what’s important; what she does is help them think through which items they wish to retain.  She goes through the home with her clients, locates the most crucial pain points, where space can be created for stuff that actually needs to be retained.

Decluttering is a work in progress.

With wardrobes for instance, instead of asking her clients what they don’t wear anymore, she turns the question around and asks them to pick out 10 items they wear all the time.

Everyone’s clutter is different so Ingrid makes it a point to keep an open mind when helping clients.

How to organize your house or how to organize your room or your children’s room is still in your control, in your hands.  Ingrid is there to work through the process of house organization with you.




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