How to Survive Divorce – The First Year

After the tsunami of stress and paperwork subsides and the air clears the new divorcee can feel like they are clinging to a wreckage of their lives. It is not unusual to feel a visceral sensation of grief for loss of what


Top 10 Divorce Myths

Here are the  Top 10 Divorce Myths and Questions. Aside from the questions below, we also talk about what is unreasonable behaviour – a question often asked by couples going through divorce. Prenuptial agreements are only for clients who are high net worth?


Pensions and Divorce

Soila from The Divorce Magazine had the opportunity to interview Karen Agnew-Griffith of Woolley & Co. Solicitors about Divorce, Pensions and Financial Settlement or the Financial Order. How important has the pension become in today’s divorce cases in view of the Wyatt vs

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