Top 10 Divorce Myths

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Austin Chessell www.thedivorcemagazine.co.uk
Austin Chessell

Here are the  Top 10 Divorce Myths and Questions.

Aside from the questions below, we also talk about what is unreasonable behaviour – a question often asked by couples going through divorce.

  • Prenuptial agreements are only for clients who are high net worth?
  • Quickie divorce – Can my divorce be completed in less than a month?
  • If we get divorced will the court force me to sell my business?
  • When trying to sort out a divorce will I get a better settlement if I am aggressive and positional with what I am seeking?
  • Am I automatically entitled to spousal maintenance?
  • Do I need evidence for my divorce to be approved for unreasonable behaviour?
  • Can the court force me to sell the former matrimonial home?
  • If my spouse does not sign the divorce papers can I still obtain a divorce from the court?
  • Do we have to go to court to sort out the financial settlement?
  • The children are already suffering because of the divorce I don’t want them to go to court as this will be too much for them.

Austin Chessell is a Professional Practice Consultant (PPC) at FAMIA across Inner and Greater London.

 Austin is also a Collaborative Family Solicitor at Feltons Solicitors and is a member of the Collaborative Pod group Essex Family Solutions.

 Email: achessell@feltonssolicitors.co.uk

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