How to Get Divorced – Where to get Divorce Papers?

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Which divorce forms and where to get divorce papers from?

We have so far looked at the importance of getting the financial order or financial agreement in place, how to get divorced and now we look at where to get divorce papers from.

The divorce forms are different for each basis or case and you can download the necessary divorce papers from here https://www.gov.uk/divorce/overview

What if we have nothing to “fight” about financially, we still need a financial order or a clean break order? Yes you do.

How long does the divorce process take? About 5 – 6 months if all is well.

What is the form E? Horrible form that’s a bit like an income tax form! It’s a form you have to complete in relation to financial proceedings. So if you’re going through financial proceedings relating to your divorce or ending of your civil partnership you have to provide full details in relations to your personal and financial circumstances and to provide lots of supporting financial documents that go with it.

Form E is completed during the family mediation process during the financial disclosure stage. At the end of the day, what the court will need is a summary of this information, i.e. each person’s full financial standing and this is required on what is called a D81 otherwise known as a Statement of information for a Financial Consent Remedy Order!

Completing this particular divorce form is crucial as it allows the divorce judge to look at the proposed order against that form and decide whether that order should be approved or not.

Without that background information he or she cannot make any decisions as to whether that financial order or financial agreement is correct.

Sometimes you won’t get your decree absolute until your finances have been sorted because by having your decree absolute you’re no longer husband and wife. This means that if there are pensions involved it’s important that until all of the finances have been resolved that you don’t have your decree absolute. So don’t rush into headlong finalising your divorce until you have sorted out your finances.

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