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The Divorce Magazine actively encourages commenting on content posted on our website but require that all people commenting remain respectful to other users and abstain from using offensive language and remarks.

Everyone is encouraged to use the comment boxes regardless of their race, sexuality, political standing, religion or any other group that they identify themselves with .

The Divorce Magazine encourages users and those commenting to engage in conversation with others with the aim of creating an engaging, intelligent and informative in-depth conversation.

We moderate any submitted comments or posts before publicly publishing them.  Consistent misuse of the comments sections and website in general will lead to a user being excluded from expressing his/her own opinions as a means of protecting others.


Here are the guidelines:


(I)             No information that is likely to identify another should ever be posted on The Divorce Magazine site.  If this happens or if you are aware of this please do let us know immediately.


(II)                  Please ensure that your comments are not offensive.  If they are found to be so and consistently so, then you will be excluded from commenting on any post, images or content found on The Divorce Magazine website.   What we encourage here is respectful, critical and intelligent discussions, debates and conversations.


(III)              There will be no name-calling, insults or any form of attack on other members nor any comments that are posted with the intention of eliciting reactions from other members.  Just be nice.


(IV)           Once a comment has been submitted/posted, you may notice that it is pending approval.  This means that your comment will be posted as soon as one of the moderators has had a read through.  We reserve the right not to post comments without any explanation or reason given to the user.  We also reserve the right to edit comments.  We aim to post comments as soon as possible.


(V)             You too can help monitor the comments.  It is very possible that some comments may go through that we were not aware off.  If this happens and it’s a comment that offends you or breaks one of the guidelines, please do let us know as soon as possible by completing the contact us form


(VI)                The Divorce Magazine has created a safe space for all users.  Should your language be violent and hostile or calls to incite violence and hostility in any shape or form or threaten the physical and mental wellbeing of any other user, group or individual, we will not only exclude you from using the site, but if your language is deemed to be a credible threat to any person, group or community we will work with the necessary enforcement agencies to any extent they request.

If you have any questions please do contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

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