Top 10 Articles to Help Start the Divorce Process

If you’re currently considering filing for a divorce or are just at the start of the divorce process, here are some articles that we believe will help you along the way. The Divorce Magazine has several accessible, informative and essential legal articles

What Can Brexit Teach Us About Divorce?

If you’re currently going through a divorce, you’re not alone. The entire population of the UK and the rest of the EU are going through the same thing. With a divorce bill and even divorce papers, Brexit is often talked about in

Managing your Finances after Divorce

There is no doubt that experiencing a divorce can turn your life upside down, both emotionally and financially. For many, it is a devastating and traumatic event that can be messy, protracted and expensive. Managing your finances after a divorce can, therefore,

Going through Divorce in Court

Some spouses may want to have a judge decide their fate and choose litigation. Others may disagree on issues and do not want to negotiate with each other. Or a judge receiving paperwork may have some questions and concerns, requiring one hearing

What Is The Average Cost Of Divorce?

If you’re considering going through a divorce, often one of the biggest worries will be the overall cost associated with the process. After all, divorce has always been famous for its price tag. But what does the price entail? Aviva estimates the

How to Start the Divorce Process

In England and Wales, the person filing for divorce is the petitioner and in Scotland it is the pursuer. The other spouse is the respondent in England and Wales and the defender in Scotland. The process of divorce commences when the petitioner

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