Author of My Stepmum and Me, Kathryn Maile

  • How did you come up with the idea?  What was the trigger?
Kathryn Maile - www.thedivorcemagazine.co.uk
Kathryn Maile Author of My Stepmum and Me

I always make up stories and rhymes with and for the children, which they love.

The trigger was the attitude I sometimes faced from other parents when collecting the children from their friends parties etc. So I reviewed the rhymes and stories in an attempt to have them published, as not all Stepmums are wicked.


  • You’re a step-mum today, were you a bit apprehensive when you realised what it was that you were getting into?

No, as my husband and I have a very strong relationship which was built over a very long period of time as friends. We are very united and supportive of each other, so I had no reason to worry or be apprehensive.


  • Did you, yourself, ever think of step-mothers as bad and evil?

The one stepmother who stuck in my mind from childhood was snow white’s. But that was just a fairy tale and I don’t think anyone who is truly willing to take on another persons child(ren) can be evil.


  • I have met both men and women who say that they wouldn’t want to be step-parents – what would you say to them?

I would say because of that mind set they are missing out, hugely.


  • What advice would you give a woman who is about to become a stepmum?

Be united as a couple and as a Stepmum open minded toward the children. It will be a learning curve for all involved so patience and understanding is key.


  • Stepmum - www.thedivorcemagazine.co.ukHow do you manage your step mum role regarding discipline for instance?

Not differently than if they were my own children.


  • I’m assuming, maybe wrongly, that you and your husband’s ex-wife do get on well.  If so, how did you manage to achieve this?

Despite my great relationship with the children I have no relationship with their mother.


  • What advice would you give a step-mum vis-a-vis her relationship with his ex-partner?  

If you can all get on that has to be of benefit to the children. If this is clearly not possible keep her respectfully at arms length to avoid any issues within your own relationship.

There has to be a mutual respect from both parties for the role they each play in the children’s life’s.


  • Do you also attend school functions such as parent’s evenings,sports days etc?

Yes, when possible my husband and I attend the children’s parents evening, school plays etc. In fact the children’s father has made a huge effort to be involved in the children’s school which sadly is not easy being a divorced Dad. The children have benefited massively from this effort as they are over the moon when we attend their plays / recitals / school fairs etc and even more so when their little brother gets to come too as they like to show him off!


About Kathryn:

Originally from Ireland I moved to London over 20 years ago and worked in the Finance Industry in the City. I became a Stepmum in 2006 to 3 lovely children and became a mum to a wonderful son in 2012. The children adore each other which is just wonderful to see and experience, I now spend my time with my husband and children between our homes in Ireland and London. 

Book 2, A Boy’s Tale, is currently underway with more books to follow.


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