Divorce, Children and Family Mediation Process

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The Divorce Magazine speaks with Collaborative Lawyer and Family Mediator Austin Chessell about divorce, children and family mediation process.

If you’re wondering how to get to divorced and are not sure what might work for you, then listen to this interview on children of divorce and how the family mediation process works and helps.


  •  What are the common children issues parents want to resolve in mediation?
  • What type of contact should parents think about before coming to mediation if they want to prepare?
  • Can people other than parents be involved in family mediation process e.g. grandparents?
  • Can the children themselves be part of the family mediation process?
  • Is there special training you need to do to work with children?
  • Is what is proposed in mediation for children matters legally binding?
  • Can we return to mediation when the children are older if we want to review what was previously agreed?
  • You used to volunteer and work at a children contacts centre. Did the experiences there help shape you as a family mediator?
  • Can you use mediation to discuss which religion a child should follow and also can it be discussed in mediation if a name change should take place for the child?
  • Does the age of the child impact on how the childcare and living arrangements will work?

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