What is Flirting and How to Work it

what is flirting
Vena Ramphal
THE Passion Coach

What is flirting?  

Passion Coach, Vena Ramphal, answers this question and many more in this fun, informative and exciting interview.  

Vena is know to help people create the love life that they want to and make good clear decision that work in their lives.

Unfortunately this recording is no longer available

Here’s some of what Vena says in the interview.  You will need to listen to it in its entirety to get the full “story”:

Flirting is very exciting and it makes life more juicy, more fun and more pleasurable and personally I think everyone should be flirting more.

What is flirting?

Good question!

There’s a difference between flirting with a potential date or with someone whom you are just starting to date as opposed to flirting in an established relationship.

If you’re in an established relationship, then flirting is the promise of something more.

If you are just starting to date or flirting with people who are potential dates, it is absolutely not the promise of something more.    In other words it’s certainly isn’t a promise for sex and it’s not an invitation to sex.  That’s something that is important for people to be comfortable with and to realise because I suspect that is one of the inhabitants that prevent people from flirting.

So if you’re speaking to a potential date or someone you’re just starting to date, flirting is really only an expression of interest in the other person in that moment.

And the key thing I would say, is that it’s a statement of confidence and an enjoyment of yourself.

How do you know when someone is flirting with you?

There’s a sliding scale between someone being fun and self-expressive and interpreting that as a specific flirtation.   There is indeed a grey area and the truth is flirting does sit in the grey area.

How do you know if someone is interested in you?

That is something that you would need to find out either by asking a specific question or by giving that person the space to express specifically whether or not they are interested. 

In other words enjoy the interaction in the moment but don’t rush to put a meaning onto it because the moment you do that then it’s easy to get tense and  starting wondering where this this is going.  Just relax and then you get comfortable sitting in that grey area. 

And if it comes to it and you do need clarification in whether or not that person is actually interested in going on a date with you then you will ned to either invite a question or ask a question specifically.

Flirting works best when it is spontaneous and it’s free and there is no agenda because really just needs to be an expression of your spirit and expression of yourself and that’s very attractive.

There’s much more in the interview so go ahead, listen, enjoy and learn.

Vena Ramphal THE Passion Coach
Vena Ramphal
THE Passion Coach


She facilitates people to make choices that bring them more fulfilling love lives, whether its ending a partnership, creating a new relationship, or cultivating a deeper experience of erotic pleasure.

Vena’s work draws on the erotic wisdom of the kama sutra traditions and classical Indian philosophy.

As a coach she brings warmth, clarity, a sense of play and a deep belief that life should be delicious.


photo credit: Black and White – Out of Focus via photopin (license)

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