In Conversation with Vena Ramphal – Her Divorce Journey and Growing from Divorce

Coping and dealing with divorce
Vena Ramphal THE Passion Coach
Vena Ramphal

In this candid interview, Vena Ramphal, Champion for authentic relationships and authentic erotic pleasures, gives us insight into her own divorce journey.

She talks to us about her marriage, why it ended and what she learned from the whole divorce process and experience,

When it comes to divorce advice, Vena urges us to think of divorce as a completion rather than as a splitting up.

This completely changes the way we think about relationships, about endings, about going on to the next chapter of our lives and it changes the we think about marriage into a much, much healthier way.

When committed to happiness first then we are able to shine and give the best of ourselves.

As Vena speaks of her divorce experience, she blends in some really terrific divorce advice that may not only help you in coping with divorce and helping children cope with divorce, but also to probably find the answer to the question, “should I get a divorce?”

We won’t tell you more – just click play, listen and walk away with something you didn’t know or have before.

Vena Ramphal is the Champion for authentic relationships and authentic erotic pleasures.

She facilitates people to make choices that bring them more fulfilling love lives, whether its ending a partnership, creating a new relationship, or cultivating a deeper experience of erotic pleasure.

Vena’s work draws on the erotic wisdom of the kama sutra traditions and classical Indian philosophy.

As a coach she brings warmth, clarity, a sense of play and a deep belief that life should be delicious.

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