Some Weird Divorce Stories

Weird Divorce Stories

I remember during my first divorce, my solicitor and I were having a general discussion on why couples split up.

He told me how he had one lady explain to him that she just couldn’t take the way he squeezed the toothpaste out of the tube from the wrong end!  She preferred that he gets the paste out from bottom up as opposed to just squashing it from wherever his hand happened to land.  That, right there, was her basis for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences” or something to the effect.

Anyway, so here are some other weird divorce stories:

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In this Cambodian divorce, the husband got fed up of his wife’s alleged affair with a local policeman – and after going through the divorce etc, he decided to indeed split the assets with the help of his relatives!

A man in Germany did the same thing!




  I want my kidney back.

A woman who donated one of her kidneys to her now ex-husband now wants it back.  Samantha Lamb donated the kidney to her ill husband only for him to leave her once he had recovered.  Her journey was documented on




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A woman married her husband while aged “24” or so she said.

Ten year later he learns what her real age is and calls it quits.

What’s that they say about the truth always catching up with you:-)





Did you just call me Guantanamo? Really?

Once upon a time, a woman in Saudi Arabia wanted to speak with her husband.  She decided to call him on his mobile phone.  Unfortunately or fortunately, he had forgotten his phone at home which she only realised when it started ringing in the house.  She went to fetch it only to find that he had put her name down as Guantanamo – after the detention camp!  She divorced him.




Phantom Killer

A woman in Chicago wanted to divorce her husband so badly that she decided to fake her own death and frame him for it.  But all this backfired as the time the murder was supposed to have happened, her now ex-husband was out of town.  After her “murder” she disappeared for a while but ended up reappearing when her ex and her family became embroiled in a legal bitter custody battle for the children.

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