And one Divorce Led to the Other!

Well, I should start by stating some facts right? Ok, the both divorces weren’t mine per se but that of my parents and then my own. Could we talk of Family History? I read with interest the article by JungleDiva right here

Children Deal with Divorce Differently

We all know and understand that each child is different and how he or she handles divorce will be unique to them.  Yet we are also probably aware that the reaction that they have will also depend on their age or developmental stage.


Dealing with Pain

When it comes to dealing with pain, the strangest thing I ever did to help me move on was to literally speak to myself, out loud, while I got ready for bed one day. I had spent the day, like the previous

What is Family Mediation?

1.    What is Family Mediation? This is a process by which divorcing or separating couples come together to discuss issues that they need to resolve once divorce is over such as financial issues and child contact issues 2.    How does the mediation process work?

For the Toxic Parents

Do You Do find yourself doing any of the following?  If so then you are most likely the toxic parent in the shared parenting relationship and will need to change things. Try and make your children choose between your ex and you?

Parental Alienation with Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

If you have ever wondered what the effects are on fathers who lose contact with their children after divorce or separation then listen to this 15 min recording of Louis De Bernieres’ conversation with Yasmin Alibhai-Brown on the one-to-one show on BBC radio 4 –

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