Prenuptial Agreements Uk

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Soila and  Austin Chessell discuss prenuptial agreements UK here.

  • Why have a prenuptial agreement?
  • What is a prenup?
  • Is a prenup legally binding?
  • When will a prenup not be upheld?
  • What is a post-nup?
  • Can you sign an pre-nup agreement after the wedding?
  • Can you do a DIY pre-nup?
  • What if a pre-nup is not fair? Can it be upheld?
  • Is there a standard prenuptial agreement form?
  • How important are prenuptial agreements?

Soila is the founder of The Divorce Magazine and creator of the online course – Helping Children Cope with Divorce

She is known for taking away the pain of trauma and loss in children, adolescents and their families and is the author of “When Love is Broken. A read-together book for children and parents going through divorce and separation.

Soila holds an MSc in Psychoanalytic Developmental Psychology from UCL (University College London), is an accredited Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) practitioner and a trained Family Mediator.

Soila is Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society.

You can contact her on 07850 85 60 66 or via email soila@thedivorcemagazine.co.uk 

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