Toxic Parenting and Children of Divorce

One of the difficult things about divorce is that, as a parent, you still have to continue parenting while you go through all those difficult and challenging emotions. Unfortunately, there are parents who find it hard to differentiate their own feelings of anger,

How to Get Through a Divorce

If you both decide that it’s best to go your separate ways then here are somethings you may want to keep in mind that I hope will show you how to get through a divorce. Telling the children No matter how you

What Leaving my Kids Meant and Did to Me!

I don’t know how many women leave a marriage and leave their children behind. I still don’t know how many openly talk about it to help and heal more. I remember a comment Soila once made probably on a previous post of

I want a Divorce – Contemplating Divorce

It is true that no two divorces are the same, but it is also true that there are some features and traits that run through the veins of most divorce processes. If you find yourself thinking or stating, “I want a divorce,” or

How to Help a Friend Going Through Divorce

It goes without saying that going through divorce is an emotionally charged process or journey. So what can you do when someone tells you their marriage is over? Here are the dos when helping a friend going through divorce: Just listen. You don’t need to

Anger Doesn’t End with Divorce

No, unfortunatly it doesn’t. Anger doesn’t end with divorce. For so many going through divorce, the crossing of the threshold to a new life seems to be the eagerly anticipated sound of the decree absolute landing on the doormat. We believe in

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