How Get a Date in 28 Days (Part 1) – Clearing: Your Space and Your Body

Why do Opposits Attract
Moving on after divorce or separation
Shelley Whitehead
Relationship Coach

Clearing your space and body is so vitally important before we begin dating.

Certified Life Coach and Relationship Coach,  Shelley talks about her own dating journey when she found herself alone following the passing of her first husband.

She shares the mistakes she made because she wasn’t sure what she was looking for.  When she felt ready to get back into the dating world, Shelley’s dating history included meeting a Mr Muller, Mr Triathlon all the way to Mr Cocaine.

For women who have been in long term relationships and now find themselves alone, dating can be a really tricky world to manoeuvre.  Being so used to being in a couple, they may find that their life has changed completely and part of their identity has been lost.

In this interview, the first of four, Shelley explains what the clearing phase entails – it’s about clearing the body, the mind and physical space.

When it comes to clearing the physical, Shelley advices the women to literally go through the home, from top to bottom and only keep those things that they find, valuable, useful and beautiful.  If it doesn’t fit in any three of these categories, then it’s time to get rid of it.

When it comes to clearing the body, it means looking at yourself and you decide what it is that you really like and appreciate about yourself.  Shelley has yet to meet a woman who really, really loves her body but it’s about working with what you really appreciate about yourself and enhancing it.

Men are visual creatures so we need to be in the best possible shape for ourselves because it, not only helps you as a person, but also makes you more comfortable when you do start dating.

When it comes to the mind and clearing the mind in preparation for our next relationship or in preparation for the dating world, it means getting rid of the attitudes and the beliefs and the behaviours, that don’t serve us.

It means really making sure that our mind is in a great space.  That this relationship we have with ourselves is in a really good space that we are able to embrace and welcome in a new partner.  The new partner that we will be able to identify in the dating world.

It’s about the behaviour and beliefs that we carry in our mind that do not serve us.

There’s so much more in this interview, so listen, learn and enjoy.

Look out for Part 2 tomorrow or you can listen to it here now – How to Get a Date In 28 Days (Part 2) Removing Obstacles to Love

Shelley is a Relationship Coach to Women ready to embrace a Second Chance at Finding Love. She works with individuals and groups of Divorced & Bereaved women, and those who have been disappointed in love.

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