Best Cruises for Kids

It can be overwhelming taking your first vacation with your children post-divorce, when you book for one of those single parent holidays such as cruises for kids. You may have had special places that you journeyed to as a family or you

How to Cope with Divorce Anger

If we live our lives motivated by anger and hatred, even our physical health deteriorates.   The Dalai Lama It is natural to be angry at what comes up during the divorce process, but the trick is not dwelling in this place

How to Declutter During Divorce

Divorce is a unique life transition where one has the challenge of making decisions of what possessions to keep and what to let go. This is an emotionally charged time, so the secret is to calm your mind with meditation, relaxation CDs

Children, Gifts and Visitation

Webster’s dictionary defines gift as “something voluntarily transferred from one person to another without compensation.”  This means an item is given freely without strings attached. Abe and his younger brother had limited visitations with their father with no overnights. Due to previous

Serial Dating Post-Divorce

It may be tempting to jump into a new serious relationship while on the rebound. Instead, stop and take stock of yourself. Are you truly recovered from your divorce or do you fear loneliness? It is important to differentiate between being alone and

Gaining Self-Awareness Post-Divorce

Before jumping back into the dating pool post-divorce, get a clear sense of self. Knowing your values and who you are is paramount for personal growth. It does not make sense getting to know another individual if one is confused about their

Tips for Moving On Post-Divorce

When one is caught up in the turmoil of the moment, it is difficult to fathom that situations will get easier down the road. Time really does heal or lessens the divorce trauma now being faced. So many people expressed the same

Children, Divorce and Visitation

Transitions between parents can be challenging, especially for younger children. They start to feel settled and then it is time to move back again to the other parent’s place. One’s attitude sets the tone for these exchanges. If you cannot manage to

Losing Family Members Post-Divorce

One would think family members would be supportive during divorce, but that is not always the case. There are a myriad of reasons for this with one being not wanting to take sides. My mother would often hang up on me when

Friendships Change after Divorce

Divorce is a transition which means a change in many aspects of life.  One of these areas is relationships, particularly with friendships. Divorce is a time to reevaluate these friendships to see if they are still beneficial or have run their course.

Losing Your Identity Post-divorce

When one’s identity was wrapped around the ex, such as being a doctor’s wife, it is especially challenging to reinvent oneself post-divorce. Suddenly the role of being the social director for the office staff and charming sidekick at far flung medical conferences

Valentine’s Day Ideas

Get out of your comfort zone and boost your self-confidence and fitness level. Challenge yourself to train and complete charity treks and cycling trips over Valentine’s Day. There are many possibilities such as going to the Rift Valley, Morocco, hiking the Inca Trail,