Co-Parenting with a Narcissist

Narcissists lack empathy so this makes co-parenting with a narcissist more challenging. They do not have compassion, so only pretend to care for others, including family members and it’s very likely that their children become targets for their manipulation, since they are

Facing Empty Nest Syndrome Post-Divorce

An Empty Nest is especially challenging for parents who face yet another loss after divorce. People may be experiencing the different stages of grief with their divorce, and now also mourn what was and may never be again with their child. One

Top 5 Co-Parenting Tips

There are ways to make co-parenting go a little easier for all involved. Remember this is all about your children, so making an extra effort will result in happier kids. Here are the top 5 co-parenting tips: 1. Encourage the Grandparent connection.

Co-Parenting Post-Divorce

Co-parenting can be easier as time marches on and heals wounds. Remember this is all about the children and not about scoring points or being in a popularity contest. Leave emotions and judgments out of interactions with your ex. If he becomes

Online Dating Profiles and Tips

Online dating statistics vary from 10% to 35% of marriages today are due to meeting one’s spouse from an online dating site. The higher range is from studies that are sponsored from the various dating sites themselves. Regardless, many people are successfully

Step-Parent Alienation

Parental alienation exists in the world of step-parents too and is commonly known as step-parent alienation. These step-parents can get a double dose of it from either biological parent. Parental Alienation is when a parent makes disparaging remarks about the other one. The attacking

Divorce Advice for Men and Women

When it comes to divorce advice for men, Talking Stick in Surrey is a men’s group through They meet for support and camaraderie, but are not a therapy group. Men facing divorce and other life challenges are able to vent and learn

Parental Polarization vs Parental Alienation

Parental polarization is when children are strongly attached to one parent and have a poor relationship with the other one.  This is not about a baby clinging to his mother before spending time with his father. Polarization is when children truly balk

Wisdom Gained Through Divorce

Divorce can be a horrific event to experience or can be the greatest life teacher. While no one I interviewed enjoyed it, many stated that they gained such wisdom from it. As with other transitions, divorce can be a catalyst for a

Post-Divorce Advice – Avoid Complications

Many people expressed surprise that once divorced, the relationships with exes were anything but over. They felt waltzing out of the court room or solicitor’s office meant freedom and a totally new life. Post-divorce experiences with former spouses depend upon many factors,