How to Deal with Heartbreak after a Breakup

Sara Davison

Sara Davison
Divorce and Break-up Coach

How can I get over this heartbreak and recover from divorce and/or separation?

This is the question TDM put forward to Divorce Coach, Sara Davison.

According to Sara, when a relationship is over, you do go through a lot of very different and negative emotions, but she advices that, just for a minute,  do take off the rose-tinted glasses and really look at what was wrong with that relationship in the first place.  

Think about what it is that you don’t have to tolerate now that you had to live with before?

There have to be things that weren’t quite right and that person wasn’t the right partner for you because the ideal partner wouldn’t leave. 

She goes on: “tip that balance from looking into the past which is all about your story and retelling your story over and over again and and flipping that to the future, where you create a compelling future that you’re excited to get up and live.

So if someone has left your life and there’s a gap in your life, we need to put together some stepping stones, some activities that you can follow through that will fill that gap and slowly that heartbreak will dissipate as you tip those scales as you move towards something more exciting.

You can hear more of Sara’s advice on how to deal with heartbreak after a breakup and information on her upcoming retreat in February 2017.

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