Tips in Helping Children of Divorce Cope

helping children of divorce cope
Karla Lee Author and Founder of Voice4kids
Karla Lee
Author and Founder of Voice4kids

Why is it important to keep the BOUNDARIES set and FAMILIAR routine?

The Children have been through enough.

They need the stability more than ever now. Stick to your normal routine and boundaries. Make sure you have a good network of Family & Friends around you as well.

Tips in Helping Children of Divorce Cope

  • Stick to your normal routine (It helps them).
  • Don’t change things out of guilt.
  • If they are changing homes, try to keep them in the same School so that something is familiar to them.
  • Rules are rules. If you had house rules before the Divorce don’t change them.
  • Make sure you have Family support around the Children and yourself.
  • If your Children are finding it hard to talk to you, they may have another close relative like and Aunt, Uncle or Grandparent they can share with.
  • If they normally go to their Grandparents every Wednesday night, continue that.
  • If Dad normally took him to Soccer, try to see if Dad can continue that.
  • Remember they feel your pain, as they are also hurting.
  • Don’t assume they are ok.
  • Ask them if they would like to talk (or just be ready when they want to talk) be an open door.
  • Don’t bad mouth your Ex – it will come back to bite you later.
  • Stick to your Boundaries. Don’t go soft in guilt of the Divorce.
  • Don’t brush things under the carpet and assume all is ok. Talk to them now.
  • Put them before any new partner, they need you more right now.
  • Let their classroom teacher know what is going on, so that if their behavior changes in class the teacher can talk to you and be more understanding.
  • But most of all, love them, love them, and love them unconditionally.

Karla’s journey started in 1998 and it is her life’s mission to reach families globally to tell them there is Hope after a Divorce and that these Children can go on to having a very fulfilled life and marriage. Karla is evidence of this. 

Karla Lee has been married for 13yrs, and she has two little girls, Faith & Hope. 

Karla’s Book “Please Don’t Go!” is her Life Story. It is raw and honest, and helps Parents see a Divorce totally from the Child’s Perspective with helpful tips. For teens & parents.

“Is It My Fault?” Karla Lee illustrated (4 short stories) to help younger children 3-12yrs understand what is happening in their home, whether a Parent is leaving or a potential Stepparent in entering their home.

For more information about Karla Lee or to purchase her books go to:

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