Coping with Divorce – Instead of Self-Medicating…

Women and Divorce
Wendi Schuller
Author of
The Global Guide to Divorce

Self-medicating is an unhealthy way of dealing with acute stress and people shared how they survived divorce and beyond without hitting the bottle.

Gardening is what got Aiden through a tough divorce situation, and is a wonderful way to center oneself by taking care of plants.

They depend upon you, giving purpose and focus with a daily routine to your life. Aiden looks forward to and is rewarded by vibrant flowers and organic vegetables.  He has a connection to others by sharing his bounty.

Jane got in a singles group post-divorce with both genders to meet a variety of people for friendships. She also joined a women’s group since many others had relationship woes and understood what she was experiencing. They have been in similar situations and can impart their insights.

Lastly, Jane became a member of a divorce group who discussed the specific aspects of this situation, such as visitation and in-laws.  Jane felt these three types of groups gave her an outlet for dealing with divorce rather than by heavy drinking.

Marlie said during a stressful time, a bottle of wine calls out to her. She avoids temptation by bolting out of the house for a latte or manicure, a way of nurturing herself without the booze. Marlie stated that she would still have to face the problem the next morning and would rather do so without a hangover and headache.

Polling people provided more tips to avoid self- medicating, such as by subscribing to a web site that sends positive quotes and affirmations your way. Katy endured an acrimonious divorce by “going to a place away from everyone to get centered.” This was in a quiet room in her house or in nature which instilled clarity and calmness for subsequent court dates.  Ethan adopted a cat right after his divorce for companionship to prevent loneliness. He now volunteers with a cat rescue organization.

If still feeling the desire to self-medicate, then seek medical assistance. A course of anti- depressants may be helpful with therapy.  Remember chocolate does wonders for boosting one’s mood.



Wendi Schuller is a nurse, hypnotherapist and is certified in Neuro-linguistic Programing (NLP).

Her most recent book is The Global Guide to Divorce and she has over 200 published articles.

She is a guest on radio programs in the US and UK. Her website is

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