Can you have PTSD from Divorce?

Traumatic relationships are a cause for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). You may have had an amicable break up and sailed through your divorce just fine.  Not everyone gets through relationships unscathed. One man had three traumatic relationships after a toxic marriage. His

The Dos and Don’ts For Texting

You may be in the divorce process or moving on into the dating scene. There are guidelines for what is appropriate to text and what is not. What can seem fine to you can be a deal breaker for the recipient. Do

Mastering the Skill of Small Talk Post Divorce

Divorce brings changes which could be finding a different job or needing to acquire a new set of friends. Small talk is the vehicle to establishing connections with others in one’s post-divorce world. It can be challenging to make small talk. Individuals

Dating for the Introvert

Going on dates can be intimidating for the introvert. It is easier to stay at home and watch romantic films than go meet potential dating partners. Fear can stop people. Fear of getting tongue tied or sounding stupid can keep individuals from

Retroactive Jealousy During Divorce And Beyond

Retroactive jealousy can lead to divorce. This  can be a red flag that something  in the relationship is wrong.  It also can indicate that a partner has control issues or has their own problem of handling jealousy. Retroactive jalousie  also happens post-divorce

Keeping Divorce Out Of School

Here are tips for parents, and divorce professionals to help keep divorce out of the schools. Children bringing their parents’ divorce drama into the classroom is disrupting. It wastes teaching time and can cause other students to lose focus on their lessons.

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