Children of Divorce – Kenna’s Story

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Children of Divorce
This is Kenna’s Story


This is Kenna.  She shares her story of her parent’s divorce.

Divorce is but a life journey.  It comes our as adults and some of us deal with it, grow from it and move on.

Children are able to do the same but not all of them can on their own.

It’s not the divorce that matters, it’s how it’s handled.  It’s what happens after the parents have split up that counts.




  1. Wow,

    Another great one. I so relate with Kenna in several aspects. This will take several articles to share so back to Kenna’s story.

    First things first, she is happy today and knows she is special. I am sure she no longer hates the world and doesn’t feel guilty for anything.

    Sharing our stories is so relieving and who knows who else could be helped with ours?

    Going through all what she went through in barely 18 years of an existence is simply put ‘incredible’.

    Yes, divorce does terrible things to children and personally, it led me into a marriage for the wrong reasons and this ended in my own divorce too. Sometimes I so scared for my boys and do shed a lot of tears because we are even continents apart right now.

    But, there is hope and there is love and these are greater than!

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