Pre-Nuptial Agreements UK – Part Two

In the last article on the subject, I raised a query as to whether you want your Solicitor to be a professional or a “salesman”. The reason for this is due to a huge misunderstanding about Pre-Nuptial Agreements which are quite understandably

Pre-Nuptial Agreements – To have or not to have?

Pre-Nuptial Agreements Part One Undoubtedly, the answer to that question is to have a Pre-Nuptial Agreement. These are straightforward documents but are never, contrary to popular belief, merely a case of presenting your fiancé with a document and expecting them to sign

Who gets what in a divorce settlement?

One gets what is necessary to meet ones needs in the vast majority of cases. It is that simple. Therein lies the shortest and most straightforward lawyer’s answer perhaps in legal history. The matter becomes more technical when people differ on what

Children of Divorce During Coronavirus Time

What impact does self isolation have upon contact between a child and an absent parent? This question has been at the forefront of separated parents’ minds ever since the ‘lockdown’, and more so since one Government Minister sent out conflicting messages. Thankfully


In the third and final article in the series, rb’s Family team consider the cost of divorce and critically how to avoid that expense.  You can find article one and article two here Every divorce lawyer knows that ultimately every client of

Helping your Child Deal with Divorce

In the second of the series RB’s Family Department’ Nigel Winter looks at the effects of divorce/separation upon children.  You can find the first part here. There are many terrible dilemmas that face anyone contemplating divorce or separation. One of the most

What are the Possible Consequences of Divorce?

In the first of a series of articles rb’s Family Law team look at the impact of divorce upon children, a family’s finances and in this article the individuals concerned. One of the biggest problems of a relationship breakdown is who to


In reading the headlines over the last couple of weeks, one would have thought that it is now settled law that every divorced Mum would be compelled to go out and “get a job”. This follows the high profile divorce of Mrs