The Dress

The Dress The colours in this portrait are in sharp contrast, bumping up against each other, cold and bold The kitchen window frames my single silhouette in this scene, the pose rigid and frigid How am I feeling?  Relief – a decision

The Divorce Fair – How To Move On

Demystify the divorce process Discover how to co-parent successfully Divorce intelligently and stay in control The first ever UK’s Divorce Fair is coming to London. This unique event will take place over three days between Thursday 20th to Saturday 22nd February 2020

Divorce Diaries

We would like to introduce you to the Divorce Diaries website , a support network for anyone going through a family breakdown. Divorce Diaries is a website with real life accounts of divorce and separation from people who have undergone the breakdown

Retroactive Jealousy During Divorce And Beyond

Retroactive jealousy can lead to divorce. This  can be a red flag that something  in the relationship is wrong.  It also can indicate that a partner has control issues or has their own problem of handling jealousy. Retroactive jalousie  also happens post-divorce

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