Coping with Loneliness after Divorce

When you are recovering from divorce after a long-term marriage, loneliness is definitely an obstacle that keeps you from moving on. We get stuck in this mindset because it makes us feel like we have nobody in the world.  But it doesn’t

Life after Divorce – Terrified of Trusting?

The reason we struggle with trust is because we feel like we’ve been betrayed. It’s a crappy weight to have on your shoulders. Similar to its other invasive cousins anger, guilt, and resentment, losing trust keeps you from getting your life back. But like all

What Happens to your Mortgage after Divorce?

Your mortgage might be the biggest financial asset you share with your partner, and when you decide to part ways, it could be your biggest stumbling block. There’s no doubt about it: divorce makes mortgages complicated. As a joint mortgage holder, you

Knowing What to Do After a Divorce

Divorce is complicated; there are no two ways about it. Knowing what to do after a divorce is not something that comes naturally to everyone and often times help is needed. Some women are able to pick up the pieces and start

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