Getting confident after a divorce

I noticed something recently that I want to talk to you about. Do you ever find yourself thinking the following deep thoughts… Ugh. Why do I still feel like crap? I thought I’d be totally confident after all of this divorce stuff was over,

The Dos and Don’ts For Texting

You may be in the divorce process or moving on into the dating scene. There are guidelines for what is appropriate to text and what is not. What can seem fine to you can be a deal breaker for the recipient. Do

7 Tips to Rebuild and Thrive in Life After Divorce

  When saying “I do” to someone and begin planning your wedding together, you  dream of living “happily ever after” with them. You envision being married and happy like a fairy tale princess. You choose your dress, tuxedo, wedding colors, best man,

Mastering the Skill of Small Talk Post Divorce

Divorce brings changes which could be finding a different job or needing to acquire a new set of friends. Small talk is the vehicle to establishing connections with others in one’s post-divorce world. It can be challenging to make small talk. Individuals

Dating for the Introvert

Going on dates can be intimidating for the introvert. It is easier to stay at home and watch romantic films than go meet potential dating partners. Fear can stop people. Fear of getting tongue tied or sounding stupid can keep individuals from