What does Mantra Mean and How to use Personal Mantras

What does mantra mean
Vena Ramphal THE Passion Coach
Vena Ramphal
THE Passion Coach

Vena is a relationship and erotic wellbeing mentor who believes that Eros and erotic pleasure is core of any romantic relationship.

When we look after our erotic wellbeing we start to look after our all aspects of our wellbeing.

If you haven’t met Vena Ramphal before then you probably want to listen to or watch previous interviews with her on dating and flirting after divorce and separation.

You can also find her on Channel 5’s Sexpod, a down to earth practical sex education show.

In this interview, we are talking about Mantras.

Vena has found that working with powerful mantras or affirmations is a very effective way of moving through life transitions such as divorce and start afresh.

What does Mantra Mean?  Vena defines a mantra as a “short precise arrangement of words that is designed to shift your state of being.”

She goes on to give us a short list of mantras and meaning e.g. “I won’t squeeze myself into a relationship; if it doesn’t fit, I don’t wear it.”

How do you tell if a mantra is right for you?

If you feel it land in your body.   When you use your personal mantra, you will notice your response to it when you hear the words.

When you hear the words and it feels like it doesn’t relate to you, either it’s not right for you or it’s speaking a deep truth in your that you don’t want to deal with or face it.

If it feels just neutral, then it’s not for you.

Mantras work on the principle of resonance.  Words are a vibration.  The meaning literally carries a vibration. You can have something that is very uplifting or even something that is very clarifying.

Another example of a powerful mantra that is suitable for those going through divorce or coping with divorce is –   “Healthy break-up.  I let go off this relationship with gratitude. I take time to heal my broken heart.”

The first line for instance – “Healthy breakup” sets the tone of that mantra. It sets the core intention and intention is very important when it comes to mantras because that’s what makes the difference between just a string of words and a mantra.  You want to feel the words run through your body.

How and when would you use a mantra?

When you are coming out of sleep or about to go into sleep because this is when your subconscious mind is most alert.  Using a mantra at this time, means that you start to reprogram your belief.

Do listen to the rest of this very informative and valuable interview with Vena Ramphal on the power of mantras and how to create your own mantra.

About Vena

Vena is specialises in romance and erotic pleasure.  She has experienced divorce and shares her story here – www.thedivorcemagazine.co.uk/my-divorce-vena-ramphal

She helps people make choices that bring them more fulfilling love lives, whether it’s ending a partnership, creating a new relationship, or cultivating a deeper experience of erotic pleasure.

Vena’s work draws on the erotic wisdom of the kama sutra traditions and classical Indian philosophy.

As a coach she brings warmth, clarity, a sense of play and a deep belief that life should be delicious.

You can find out more about Vena’s work here – www.venaramphal.com 

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