Suzy Miller – The Divorce Strategist

The Divorce Magazine met up with Divorce Strategist, Suzy Miller to find out how she can help couples going through the divorce process as well as cohabiting couples going through separation. This is what Suzy told us about her role, her job

Family Arbitration and Privacy

According to Sir Peter Singer, the ability of parties to conduct an arbitration in relation to their private financial affairs without fear of unwelcome publicity is another important advantage which the IFLA Scheme offers. What may draw people to Arbitration more than

Family Arbitration – Friend or foe

So are family law solicitors going to support the education of their clients with regard to accessing Arbitration – or are they going to effectively hinder the process? Arbitrator Olive McCarthy believes that a setback to the scheme is that unfortunately other family solicitors

Is Family Arbitration a Flash in the Pan?

It seems clear that Family Arbitration has something to offer in the divorce arena, but will it be adopted by the legal profession as another tool in the divorce tool-box – or be quietly left in a cupboard to be brought into

Divorce and My Strong Willed Child

There is something very liberating when you stop wanting people to change or to change people. We get easily annoyed when people are not acting the way we would like them to. We have so many expectations about just anything and anyone.

Is Arbitration legally binding? Does it have any teeth?

Is Arbitration legally binding Well I asked this question of Arbitrators who are, let’s face it, lawyers – so not surprisingly, I got both the ‘technically correct’ answers as well as the ‘in real life’ answers: “It isn’t correct to say that

Coping with Divorce Anger

In this interview by Suzy Miller, Counsellor and Psychotherapist Paula Farson of Cedar Counselling explains why it makes sense to get psychological support earlier rather than later when navigating divorce or family separation. “Many clients come to counselling in crisis but realise

The Single Mums’ Survival Guide

Alternative Divorce Guide Suzy Miller recently spoke with single mum Vivienne Smith, author of  The Single Mums’ Survival Guide, about her journey into single parenthood and how she grew from that experience. “They do say that everyone has a book in them –


Divorce Mediation vs Family Court

We often hear that Mediation is “better for the children” – but when it comes to making the decision divorce mediation vs family court many people are unsure which way to turn. Suzy Miller interviewed Divorce Mediators John Stebbing and Wendy Still of Stephen