Coping with Divorce Anger

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Suzy Miller this interview by Suzy Miller, Counsellor and Psychotherapist Paula Farson of Cedar Counselling explains why it makes sense to get psychological support earlier rather than later when navigating divorce or family separation.

“Many clients come to counselling in crisis but realise it would have been life enhancing to invest in their wellbeing earlier.

We often carry the belief that it is disloyal to our family members to discuss our lives with a counsellor when in reality the reverse is true.  What we really need is to be able to express ourselves openly and feel completely un-judged – and not be afraid of upsetting anyone by expressing our pain or our rage.  So a counsellor we don’t know socially is much more useful to us than someone we are friends with.

When we work on our psychological well being the positive changes in us are picked up by people close to us, often leading to a healthy ripple effect.

Happy parents lead to happy children, relaxed adult children bring about contented older parents and an accepting relationship with one’s ex is a relief to all parties!

In Psychotherapy, there is no prescribed number of sessions and the process is different for every individual and tailored to their needs.

Counselling and psychotherapy provides a confidential, non-judgmental environment to be ourselves without masks or filters.  And the sooner we use it to release withheld anger and emotional suffering, the healthier it is for us and for our families and friends and – most of all – for our children.”


Interview by Suzy Miller of The Alternative Divorce

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