Top 10 Articles to Help Start the Divorce Process

If you’re currently considering filing for a divorce or are just at the start of the divorce process, here are some articles that we believe will help you along the way. The Divorce Magazine has several accessible, informative and essential legal articles

Coping with Divorce and Separation

If you’re just embarking on your divorce journey, here’s a quote that may mean absolutely nothing to you right now but we, at The Divorce Magazine, would like to let you know that the pain does indeed end. There maybe a lot

What are the Effects of Divorce on Children

Every divorce presents a turning point in a child’s life no matter the age. The world as they know it changes and becomes another place that, temporarily or otherwise, is perceived as unstable, uncertain and even ugly. For the parents, the bottom


Brené Brown Quotes Vulnerability

If you have never heard of Brené Brown the we urge you to find her, read her, listen to her and see why these are our 5 favourite quotes. It was hard, very tough, excruciatingly difficult to make the choice of which quote