How to Divorce – Is there a ‘Right’ Way?

How to Divorce? I met a wife in mediation a couple of weeks ago who was clutching her twenty page list of chattels she ‘must have’ from the formal matrimonial home. She admitted that it was not really about the chattels but


Dealing with Pain

When it comes to dealing with pain, the strangest thing I ever did to help me move on was to literally speak to myself, out loud, while I got ready for bed one day. I had spent the day, like the previous

Co-Parenting Tips for a Healthy Relationship

One of the biggest fears for parents going through separation is the impact it will have on their children. The decision to separate is not usually made quickly or easily and the process of ending a relationship is difficult.  This is an

Life after Divorce – your Image

Although I see men also, most of my client base is female – many of whom come to see me to mark a significant event such as a big birthday or returning to work after maternity leave. There are lots of reasons

What is Family Mediation?

1.    What is Family Mediation? This is a process by which divorcing or separating couples come together to discuss issues that they need to resolve once divorce is over such as financial issues and child contact issues 2.    How does the mediation process work?