Travelling During and Post-Divorce

Wendi Schuller
Wendi Schuller
Dating Coach
Author of The Global Guide to Divorce

Solo travelling during and post-divorce can be daunting when used to having a spouse as a built-in travel partner. Flight delays and other travel issues can seem more stressful when no longer going on holiday as a duo. There are ways to have a travel adventure and not have to do it alone.

Themed Sola Holidays

What can make solo travel more pleasant is when it is centred around a particular activity. There are cooking trips to Italy and photo safaris in Africa. You meet people with a common interest and it is easy to connect with each other. Solo travellers go to destinations such as a yoga retreat or an ashram. Some of these have a community table for meals where individuals can meet others and share their experiences.

Adventure trips are an option. There are a multitude of global destinations for these types of trips. A single woman enjoyed a bicycle trip through South Africa and the group was mostly comprised of solos. A man went on a motorcycle trip in Asia and is planning more. There are hikes on the Inca trail in Peru, trekking in Nepal and other exotic places. Or sign up for a hike near home, such as Hadrian’s Wall.

Group Tours

You do not have to make the arrangements. When plans go awry, the group leader makes new arrangements. There usually are other singles or friendly couples. When considering various companies, ask what is the average percentage of singles on their tours. For example, post-divorce when I took my sons to India with SmarTours, one-third of the group were single travellers. The tour guide said this was the norm. We all interacted and had fun.

There are travel companies which are a good fit for singles. Exodus Adventure Travel, One Traveller, Friendship Travel and have tours for solo travellers. Check and see what is the size of the group. Also, if there is a single supplement. I got an email about a great deal from a river cruise company whom I travelled with previously. The price was offset with an 85% single supplement charge. That is almost paying for another person.  Luckily, I found a friend to go on this holiday with me. Some tour operators can match you up with another single same-sex traveller to avoid the single supplement charge.

Going It Alone

What has worked for people is to choose a destination with plenty to do. Paris for example has many museums, lovely parks and boulevards.  A popular pastime is to people-watch from a café wherever your holiday is. When you pick a lovely location, you can be as busy or relaxed as you choose. There are day or several-hour tours which give a chance to interact with others. Going to local fairs and events gives the opportunity to connect with locals.


Another way to have an adventure plus give back to others is by volunteering with global organizations, such as Earth Watch and Global Work and Travel. You pick a destination and type of volunteer opportunity which is interesting from a large list.  This type of travel can boost mood and self-esteem when going through a contentious divorce.

Travel tips

When searching online consider using “incognito”. Cookies are not saved when searching for hotels, etc. A travel site may give a great price for a room or whatever. When you go back later to book it, the site sees you have visited it before and raises the price. Incognito allows you to go back and get the same initial price.

Before leaving on your holiday, check out walks with locals. A local citizen at your destination meets you at a specified point and shows you around their city. This is a good way to learn about a place and see it through a native’s eyes. Other types of walking tours can be prebooked, such as food ones, ghost ones, etc.  Getting out of town is a way to rejuvenate yourself and get a different perspective. Bon Voyage!

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Wendi Schuller

Wendi Schuller is a dating coach who helps people after divorce and break-ups to start dating again. She is a hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and a nurse. She wrote The Global Guide To Divorce.     

She writes the Jack Jack The Cat series for children

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