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Brené Brown quotes

Brené Brown Quotes Vulnerability

If you have never heard of Brené Brown the we urge you to find her, read her, listen to her and see why these are our 5 favourite quotes. It was hard, very tough, excruciatingly difficult …
Brené Brown quotes

Brené Brown Quotes

Here are some Brené Brown quotes that we, at TDM, hope will help in coping with divorce and moving on from a broken relationship.
parental alienation qutoes

Parental Alienation Quotes

What is Parental Alienation? Simply put, this is where a child consistently and persistently denigrates, insults or speaks disparagingly about or to one parent without justification due to various factors one of which is indoctrination, …
Almost Funny Divorce Quotes

Almost Funny Divorce Quotes

  Someone once said, that you know you have moved on when you can laugh at some of the things that made you mad in the past. So we collected a bunch of divorce quotes …
you left me quotes

You Left me Quotes

We recently posted some interviews that looked at the end (or completion as Vena Ramphal would say it) or a marriage. On The Divorce Magazine we have a lot of information, help or motivational words …