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stempmom quotes

Here at The Divorce Magazine thought gathering some great stepmom quotes would be a good idea.

Having said that there are a couple that are stepparenting quotes as opposed to stepmom quotes only.

Do you have some that you think we should know about or which one of these is will you  add to your stepmom quotes?

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Why put together a stepmom quotes list?  Why not really?  Stepmoms have a great role to play in the lives of children of divorce and at times in helping children cope with divorce and separation.

While it is true that not only stepmoms are wonderful, it’s also true that not all mums and dads are wonderful.

I have met some lovely stepmums but have only heard of and never met some not “very nice” ones.  One of my divorced friends for instance had a wonderful relationship with the stepmum to her children that was until she married my friend’s ex-husband.  Rules changed and the life after divorce that the children knew with her around gradually changed.  She suddenly become intolerant of the children and of my friend.

My eldest daughter has a lovely stepmum and for that I will always be grateful.

Ali Wilks contributed a fab article, STEPPARENTING FROM THE STEPCHILD’S PERSPECTIVE,  on getting to know your stepchildren and seeing it from their perspective, while Jenna Korf’s article on 8 THINGS DIVORCED MOMS SHOULD KNOW ABOUT STEPMOMS, was a great hit with our readers as was Erin Careless’ articles on ON BEING A STEPMOM – LESSONS PASSED DOWN.



So hope you enjoyed the stepmom quotes above.


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