Parental Alienation Quotes

parental alienation qutoes

What is Parental Alienation?

Simply put, this is where a child consistently and persistently denigrates, insults or speaks disparagingly about or to one parent without justification due to various factors one of which is indoctrination, brainwashing and/or training by the other parent.

This is most frequently seen in divorce or separation cases where child custody is in dispute.

Parental alienation can be so severe that the child in question eventually holds no good or positive memories of the time he or she spent with the targeted parent.  They show no guilt whatsoever in how they treat the targeted parent and at times, their behaviour can escalate to physical harm of the parent including spitting and hitting.

Parental alienation happens only when the denigration and insults come directly from the child.

At The Divorce Magazine, we have collected the top 5 quotes on PA and here they are:

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