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Divorce Fair
Mr Smith O’Connor
Creator of
The Divorce Fair

Demystify the divorce process

Discover how to co-parent successfully

Divorce intelligently and stay in control

The first ever UK’s Divorce Fair is coming to London. This unique event will take place over three days between Thursday 20th to Saturday 22nd February 2020 and aims to help those contemplating or going through divorce by giving them the desired information and answers.

We have created the Divorce Fair to bring experts in Finance, Law, Wellbeing and Parenting all together to demystify the divorce process, show how to thrive post-divorce and how to be motivated that life can begin anew after a split.

For those worried about the effects of divorce on the children, specialists will show how to become a successful co-parent and deal with all the stress and confusion within a nurturing and safe environment.

Coaches and Speakers will inspire and workshops will help facilitate an intelligent divorce. Staying in control of divorce means getting access to the right experts – and The Divorce Fair brings them all in one place.

Whatever stage of the divorce process someone is in, and whether or not they have been married, cohabiting or civil partnership relationship.

Visitors to this boutique event at the Hilton London Olympia will get the opportunity to hear from keynote speakers, attend informative seminars & workshops, meet with expert exhibitors and learn how to bounce back from divorce.

Alongside selected experts in Finance, Law, Mediation, Counselling and Parenting exhibitors and speakers include organisations offering tips on health & wellbeing, DIY divorces, remedies, retraining for a new career or setting up a business, property investment, personal styling, aesthetics and dating advice.

We get answers to these questions and more:

“We are about to divorce, but can we save our marriage?”

“We ended our relationship. What to do next, divorce?”

“Is divorce the only solution?”

“I am going through divorce; did I take all important steps”

“What to do after divorce? How do I start again?”

“I am already divorced and need help with co-parenting.”

“My friend needs help, what can I do for him/her?”

We would like to offer help and advice throughout this tough and emotional time in life and we hope and believe that our participants will leave motivated, emotionally supported and well informed.

More information will come very soon. The Divorce Fair is free to attend and you can register your interest on our website

About Mr Smith O’Connor

Mr Smith O’Connor is an entrepreneurial investor who wants to ‘give back’ by creating events that help transform lives for the better.

Together with Orion Group London Limited, an independent event company, he created the Divorce Fair first time in the UK, providing a safe space for separating people to access all the legal, financial, parenting and wellbeing guidance that they need.

He himself has been divorced and he believes that his Event in Kensington will help divorcing couples to transition out of their marriages as successfully as he has, focusing always on keeping things amicable for the sake of the children.

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  1. This Divorce Fair will be a wonderful way to learn how to movie on. It also provides an opportunity to meet experts in relationships, divorce and many other fields in one place.

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