Child Custody and the Prenup

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Karim Assad
Karim Assad
Divorce Solicitor
Cordell & Cordell

The Divorce Magazine recently got a reader’s question through regarding child custody and the prenup.  The enquirer wanted to know if, in the event of a divorce, child custody, child arrangment or guardianship can be included in the prenuptial agreement.

We put this question of child custody and the prenup through to Karim Assaad and this is what he responded that pre-Nuptial agreements should not be used when considering the arrangements for a child, as the interests change over the course of time.

Matters may arise which would render any agreement reached in relation to children by way of a pre-nuptial agreement entirely unsuitable and inconsistent with the best interests of a child or children of the family.

The best course of action if one finds himself not getting the time and contact with his children he believes is best, is often to simply start a formal action and get the process moving toward an enforceable order.


Karim Assaad is a London divorce solicitor at Cordell & Cordell. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience practicing family law, owning a proven record of providing indispensable advice to clients and delivering positive outcomes for them.


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