How to Get a Date In 28 Days (Part 2) – Removing Obstacles to Love

Moving on after divorce or separation
Shelley Whitehead
Relationship Coach

This interview is part 2 of  How to Get a Date In 28 Days.  You can listen to part 1 here –  Clearing your space, body and mind

Here’s some of what Shelley had to say in Part 2 – Removing Obstacles to Love

It really about exorcising, getting rid off in a very serious way, the beliefs and the behaviours that chase men away because these behaviours and beliefs are limiting the ones that hold us back in any area of life. 

They are what limits us or limits the ability to take action and live our dreams and generally that dream is, after experiencing the loss of a partner, it’s being able to cope with life and feel happy again.  It’s about being able to manifest and find the ideal partner.

We are wired for connection, that’s something that I absolutely do know and once women have gone through that clearing phase, life begins to take on an absolute new meaning.

Our outer world is merely a reflection of our inner world. 

What that means is that what you truly believe, deep inside yourself, you’ll start to manifest in your life and in your relationships.  Whatever’s been showing up in your life and in your relationships over time, is what you’ve been focusing your attention on.

A negative belief become a negative expectation.  We end up with a sabotaging behaviour, we get a negative outcome which confirms that negative belief.

That’s why I’m very clear about one thing; it’s about who we hang out with.  This is so very important when it comes to raising the bar in your life.  If you’re wanting to be happy, enjoy your job, manifest a great relationship, be a wonderful mum, it’s important that the people you hang out with believe and want the same thing as you do.

It’s the old expression that you can’t fly with eagles, if you hang out with turkeys.  It becomes very true when you’re looking for a new relationship.

Some limiting beliefs that I hear from women include:

  • I’m too old
  • I’m too fat
  • All the good men are taken
  • There aren’t any decent men around
  • I just meet the same kind of man over and over again
  • The dating sites don’t work, there’s just rubbish men on them

These beliefs often keep us in repetitive patterns because they build up a story based on past experiences and now stop love from coming in even if that’s our deepest desire.  They are going to continue until they clear and it all begins with our thoughts.

A thought has to be true for it to become a belief that’s why we need to start eliminating the negative thoughts so that they can begin to die.  And awareness is the key to all change.

Listen, learn and enjoy the rest of the interview with Shelley, to find out how to begin eliminating these negative thoughts and beliefs.

Look out for part 3 tomorrow – How to Get a Date in 28 Days (Part 3) – Living the Dream -Power, Passion and Purpose

Shelley is a Relationship Coach to Women ready to embrace a Second Chance at Finding Love. She works with individuals and groups of Divorced & Bereaved women, and those who have been disappointed in love – shelleyjwhitehead.com


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