How Pension Sharing Orders Work in Divorce – Splitting Pension after Divorce

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Independent financial Advisor
Paul Gorman
Principal Partner
Beaufort Planning

We speak with accredited chartered financial planner Paul Gorman of Beaufort Planning  on pensions and divorce.

Paul works mainly in the field of family law working together with family lawyers as well as family mediators with the aim of helping clients achieve a suitable settlement in divorce.

He has worked on mediation cases and have been involved in mediation meetings alongside trained family mediators and divorce solicitors. He also gets involved in collaborative work and is a member of three PODS.

Here he talks about pension sharing orders, splitting pension after divorce, pension on divorce, pension plans and divorce as well as pensions transfers.

Some of the questions he answers are:

• What is a pension sharing order?

• Can the basic state pension be shared?

• Is pension sharing compulsory or do couples need to have a pension sharing order?

• Can I use my share of the pension to buy my children and I a home and is it wise to do so?

• What happens in the case of a pensioner whose benefits are subject to a Pension Sharing Order?    


PART 2 of How Pension Sharing Orders Work in Divorce – Splitting Pension after Divorce he answers more questions among which are:

• When is pension sharing not an option or the best solution?

• I only have a small pension — do i really have to share that?

• What does offsetting your pension mean?  

• What is an attachment order and why are they rarely used?

• Is there a cost attached to the process of pension sharing?

• Can I protect my pension with a prenuptial agreement?

• Where do non-married couples stand when it comes to pension sharing?

• How long does the pension sharing process take from start to finish?

Get in touch with Paul – pgorman@beaufortplanning.co.uk

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