Beating the Holiday Blues Post-Divorce

It can be difficult facing the holiday season when still recovering from divorce. Reliving the past can make the season be less merry. Your life may seem like the subject of Elvis’s Blue Christmas song: I’ll have a Blue Christmas without you

Starting Over Again Post Divorce

Divorce provides the opportunity to reinvent yourself. This could be a new career path or change in scenery as in a move across country. It is how one looks at divorce as either the world stops – or gently nudges a person

Cruising at Christmas Post-Divorce

One way to start new Christmas traditions is to get away from it all and wipe the slate clean after divorce. No more “this was what we did when we were still married last Christmas Eve.” One happily divorced woman who is

Can Ex-Spouses Be Friends After Divorce?

The simple answer to the question of can exes be friends after divorce is….it depends. Some people were great pals before marriage and want to continue this post-divorce. It is doable with these caveats. Let there be some space between your divorce

Dealing with Outsiders during Divorce

Divorce would be much easier if it were just between the couple and their solicitors or mediator. “Helpful” people sometimes want to be in the midst of things and stir the pot. This would be similar to football teams such as Arsenal’s

Empowerment in Divorce

Being empowered in divorce is the opposite from viewing oneself as a victim. It is the difference from being in a place of strength to feeling out of control during and post-divorce. Assess what you can control and what is out of

Nurturing Children after Divorce

Small gestures make a big difference to children with helping them adjust to divorce. The overwhelming response from kids of divorce was routines make life more enjoyable. Their world is drastically changing and now they are dealing with loss. Divorce itself changes

Children Coping with Infidelity

Parents may feel that they are dealing with infidelity in a private way that keeps children out of it. Youngsters are smarter than you think and do notice sobs, tension and discussions in hushed tones. Their vivid imaginations may conjure up worst

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