Choosing your Divorce Lawyer or Family Mediator

There are several ways of finding the right solicitor or mediator for your divorce. If you know someone in any area of the legal field, ask them whom they would personally select. Another way is to query people that you value in

How to Have an Amicable Divorce

A key piece to having an amicable divorce is what is happening pre-divorce. If discussing whether or not to part-ways, do it in a calm manner without assigning blame. Use I statements to describe your feelings and unhappiness with the marital situation.

Signs You Are Married to a Sociopath

A sociopath can be quite the charmer in pursuing what they want. Also known as antisocial personality disorder, these individuals may date someone who is wealthy, has great job connections or is a means to obtaining something desirable. They do not relate

When to get a Divorce

When on the fence about divorce, consider marital counselling, even if your spouse refuses to participate. This will help you recognize if the marriage is salvable or if you have been missing these clues that have led others to file for divorce

New Year’s Eve Fun Post-Divorce

Divorce is particularly challenging during the holiday season. One is used to having a date for New Year’s Eve and now for the first time in several decades, one is alone. Take stock of your situation and decide if you want to

The One about Holidays Triggering Divorce

Some people have chosen to stay together until after the holidays for a variety of reasons. It may be to give the children one last Christmas together. One agony aunt printed a letter from a woman whose daughter-in-law is filing for divorce

Your First Meeting with your Divorce Lawyer

Getting records together for your new divorce solicitor or mediator is a first step in the divorce process. Sometimes one’s financial state seems to be a jumble of loans and assets and the solicitor will have to get a general idea of

Child Friendly Divorces – How to Get one

Divorce is a stressful time with a myriad of sad and angry feelings bubbling under the surface. When one is in survival mode it is challenging to make rational decisions that keep the child’s best interest at heart. Here are some tips

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